Dynamic seasonal changes to the overworld's aesthetics?

Greetings team and wishing you all the best, what I’ve seen so far excites me beyond words. Everything I’ve heard about what you want to do with the game is like music to my ears!

So to condense to the topic at hand, I am wondering if there are any plans to have the handcrafted overworld be affected visually as real-life seasons come and go. Specifically details like: dried and warmer-colored foliage during Summer, accumulated snow during Winter, robust & colorful greenery during Spring and fallen leaf piles and brownish hues during the Fall.

It’s probably too soon to talk about optional (and likely aesthetic-only) stuff like this when the game hasn’t even launched in Early Access, let alone “go Gold” but I think it’s one of those details that I think would go a long way towards making your game stick out even further!

Thanks for considering, have a great one!


While I do think there are many systems-level synergies with a Dynamic Seasons system (e.g., Farming, Resource Gathering, Alive system and season-specific enemy variety), it’s a feature that represents a massive amount of work for just the art assets alone. Very likely out-of-scope.


Oh yeah totally get that, would also really depend on how modifiable the engine and/or assets themselves are to support something like layering on top of vanilla.

It is a neat idea to entertain simply because virtually nobody does it, especially when they cover the concept of “seasons” in their games yet it’s more along the likes of gameplay changes or enemy reskins at best.

That said, I get how time & resource-consuming it would be for a feature that could offer too little ultimately, especially if there are too many areas where it wouldn’t make sense to change up simply because of how unique their look should be.