Duplicate Keys filling up space


I found myself in possession of duplicate keys such as Mess Hall Key nad Old Cottage Key that I happen to find again in the wild. I unfortunately can’tdiscard the duplicates and its ending up taking key slots inventory.

It would be nice to be able to discard duplicate or prevent its pick up.

Thank you!


this game really needs a keychain item honestly lol

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I forgot about that, yeah I have a collection of cottage keys at this point that seem to be permanently attached to my body as well. Hopefully we get a fix for that, gave you and the post a thumbs up for visibility.

This is currently a known bug with all key/quest items. I’m hoping a fix comes with the next hotfix, but only time will tell!

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Why do you guys keep picking them up every time? They don’t come bundled with other loot, are always at the same location and you can even see on top of the screen what it is before you decide to loot something. :thinking:

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Sometimes I kill something next to one and just spam click without thinking :sweat_smile:

too tedious to remember and discern keys, i really dont see why we allow the game to bother us with that when having multiples is completely and utterly pointless and has no effect on anything other than annoying the player and forcing him to think “oh i have this key already? or do i not?”
should be addressed, especially because its very easy to do so.

Yeah I have like 5 Mess Hall Keys. I haven’t run into a problem yet but ever since I noticed the discard key doesn’t work on this page, I’ve been dreading what will happen when those cells fill up, since the inventory doesn’t seem to have multiple pages or scrolling.

Normally in games, items like keys are set to can only pick up one if they allow them to continue to drop for the player.

The keys really need to be improved, too many duplicate keys in my backpack

There really should just be a check to see if a key of the same id/name already exists in the inventory list of keys. If so, the player doesn’t need to add that item to the inventory.

This way you can still pick it up, but the inventory doesn’t get cluttered.