Digging with the shovel takes too long

The time it takes to dig items out of the ground with the shovel is way too long. I get that in real life digging is a time consuming task but I don’t want to sit for 30 seconds and watch my character dig just to get a piece of clay.


I would say all of the resource gathering feels like it takes much longer then it should and kills the durability much faster then you would expect as well. pretty sure an axe breaks after only 5 trees

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One thing I will say about this now that I’ve gotten further in the game, this does get better as you level up, so I see what they’re trying to do with this mechanic but it made the beginning of the game feel a bit annoying.

Yes, all gathering animations take way too long but the shoveling is especially ridiculous.

I felt the same way.

Keep an eye out for higher level gathering tools. I went from 10 hits with the copper pickaxe to 3 hits with the iron pickaxe to mine a node. Feels a lot better, but the system needs a bit of a rework.

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agreed - i made an account just so i could agree so the devs would see this.

The ONLY gathering activity that feels fine, to me, is fishing.

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