Day and night cycle

Hello, first of all I’d like to say I’m really looking forward to Wicked! This is a game I’m dying to play and I can’t wait until April 18. That said, I have a few questions regarding the day/night cycle:

During Wicked Inside, we got a glimpse of the time of the day (time being displayed in the right upper corner) and it got me wondering how long a day in Wicked lasts. I’ve read that resources respawn after a day so I’ve got a feeling it would be a rather slow cycle?

During the trailer we also get to see some boss introductions (Like Warrick), however I’ve noticed that all of those intro cinematics shown in the trailer take place at night. Can we encounter these bosses during the day as well and will that change the lighting of the intro cinematic?

I hope I haven’t dug too deep into spoiler territory with the last one :smile:


Considering they spoke about the game world not being procedurally generated and by that I assume it means it being “static” (I don’t like the use of this word, but my minds drawing a blank at any other way to say it!) I would imagine that you can encounter anything in the game, at any point of the day/night cycle?

As for cutscenes, as far as my knowledge of them is concerned, if your player character is present, then the cutscene must be an in game rendering, so the day/night would be represented accurately there too.

What would be cool is having some encounters that only appear during certain times of day/night.

A lot of assumption and imagination in my thoughts but I hope it sheds some light regardless. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about the background of encountering a boss. Conversely, I’d expect some functional changes between day and night cycles;

  1. Nocturnal radiant quests could be activated;
  2. Nocturnal events/companions/monsters
  3. A quest that requires you to take sides akin to the questline of Pate vs Creighton from DS2.
  4. Various evil deeds requiring you to take sides with villains.

Just the first few ideas that come to my wicked mind.

Day / Night stuff will be mostly cosmetic for the Early Access release. We have plans for the future, but this stuff isn’t supported yet and won’t be ready for EA Launch.

But yes, we’ll do more interesting things with Day / Night cycles in the future for sure :slight_smile:


Love this!! Having these gorgeous systems provide both visual and mechanical immersion is truly the best of both worlds.

Maybe we can see something like Faith-based Light spells seizing the day, and then a more Wicked form of magic that draws from the darkness of night.

Of course, a Holy (Wicked) Moonlight Sword from the Moon Studio would be an absolute treat. :raised_hands: