Combat need to be reworked!

The combat mechanics desperately need a revamp. The current Souls-like combat system clashes with the camera mechanics, leading to a frustrating experience. Integrating Souls-like combat into an action RPG is proving to be a major drawback. I urge you to seriously reconsider overhauling the combat system. As it stands, it’s not enjoyable; it’s monotonous and anxiety-inducing.


I have yet to try it, I’ll get around to it tonight, so take my answer with a grain of salt!

However, I find this comment a bit ungenerous, since, if I understand correctly, this combat system was deliberately designed like this (besides, not everyone will like it, maybe I will be one of them)! :peace_symbol:


I’m 5h in and i’m absolutely loving the combat system. Sure, the game has barely been released for 24h. I’m sure some things will be patched and some bugs washed out. But all in all. I’m having a great time


I’m 1-2 hours in and mixed feelings:
-the pace & basic movesets (dodge, attack, parry) feel like they’ll allow a great tactile feeling
-the stamina bar is unclear, the specials are unclear, the force bar goes from empty to full seemingly at random, there’s WAY more visual clutter than for example Elden ring, contrast between characters and environment is WAY worse than in ER, …

Certainly could use some finessing, but I feel like the move set mechanics are not the problem :+1:

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The combat system is the concept of this game. If you turned it into a classic Diablo style combat which won’t happen, the game would have no purpose.


Combat should absolutely NOT be reworked. Its fantastic right now.


I don’t want them to rework combat system at all, i like it being weighty and tense.

What i do think should be improved about combat is responsiveness. While many animations are fancy, i’m under the impression that slashes are too long and hard to keep under control.

Dark Souls combat looked terrible but i was happy to swing my sword because the animation had a very precise reach and duration. Wicked seems a bit too exaggerated for me.

I understand input commitment is a big design topic for games like Wicked and it makes sense for the devs to have the player attack only when they find an opening, but i’d argue that having weapons feel controllable and responsive isn’t incompatible with that.


Maintain the current combat system; it requires mastery and offers a unique experience that sets this game apart from others. There’s no benefit in imitating the combat systems of other games.


No it doesnt. The current combat system is the entire selling point of wicked. Sure it needs tweaking but you either like it or you move on. And btw “anxiety-inducing” imo is a good thing for this game. Its a hardcore game, not Diablo.


I’m really enjoying the game, and a good part of it is the combat system. The only thing I would consider tweaking is the enemy stagger, so smaller enemies can feel the hits a bit more and don’t tank your combos and hit you at the same time, but that’s minor IMO.


As others have said, changing the combat will change the concept of the game. I’m absolutely loving the combat system. My only gripe is with ranged enemies, as they often see you and throw a bomb at you for example, before you even see them on screen. Maybe making the R joystick be a panable camera would help with that.

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im 12.6 hours in and the combat is just fine. i can understand the frustration but it’s enjoyable and engaging to me so far. im praying they dont change it to something worse due to the amount of complaints.


I don’t have any problems with combat. I mean, for me - it’s perfect


No, it doesn’t need to be completely reworked lol. It could use a bit of fine tuning with the way some of the meters refil but in my opinion theyr’e like 90% there.

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I can’t really relate to your experience. For the first time, souls-like mechanics are clicking for me with this camera perspective, and I’m having a blast with the game.

I also highly doubt they will rework the entire combat system from the basis of souls-like. If it isn’t your cup of tea, it isn’t your cup of tea.

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I love the combat system, please don’t change it.

The devs even say this on the game’s description. It’s a methodical combat system, you need to prepare and see what you are facing before just rushing in, this is not a frenetic ARPG.


The combat is chunky and satisfying to me. I tend to play a lot of souls games and some aRPG’s. Wicked combo of these here is very satisfying.


Strongly disagree here. The combat is very thoughtfully implemented, and leads to a visceral and kinetic balance. To me this is more fun than your standard From Software fare (though I love their games).

You do have to pay attention, but that’s what this game is- it’s not a hack n slash.


I have issues seeing the stamina bar, I am not sure if that is what you are talking about. I feel like it should be a brighter green to stand out some or maybe have a brighter colored boarder. I have never been diagnosed with any colorblindness but i do sometimes turn those settings on if they let me tweak ui elements.

I’ve not messed with the focus bar much.

Overall to me the basic combat feels pretty good, it could use some timing polish sure.

Definitely love the actual combat. My gripe is that it’s unforgiving asf, but in terms of your qualms, not seeing it.

Would you say that the unforgiving aspect is what’s anxiety inducing, or specifically the camera mechanics?

I would want to sort of swivel the camera to see secret areas or just the area itself. x: BUT NOT for combat related reasons.