Chain lightning not "chaining"? (not a bug)

The spell Chain Lightning does not chain to close-by enemies. I feel like this is either a bug, or it’s the name of the spell that needs to be changed. If you have a spell called “chain lightning” as opposed to “lightning”, the expectation is that it’s gonna chain to the next close enemy. If it doesn’t, I would just call it lightning.

edit : Confirmed it works when charging

Got the same „issue“ with it.
→ Could be a bug, that it isn‘t chaining.
→ Or it should be named something like „Lightning Bolt“, if it works as intended.

No matter which case it is, would be cool to add the other rune too. Alongside with nature spells. Would be cool to use a druid or shaman build.

You need to charge attack.
As the charging level increases, enemies will chain from 1 → 3
And it ignores the block of enemy shields.
It can also attach electronic debuff.

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