Can't use dodge roll

I use medium armor, but sometimes I can’t roll. I press the space bar, and the character just slightly nods forward, that’s it. If I press the space bar twice quickly, then it rolls twice, and then randomly when I press the space bar only once, sometimes it rolls, and sometimes it just nods the head.

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I’m having the same issue with light armor.
I think it has something to do with being in combat, because out of combat, I can dodge and roll just fine.

this appears to be related to the event activation of the key.

the dash event triggers “on button release” and not “on button pressed”

This leads to

  • about 0.1 seconds delay for a dash/evade
  • no evasion/dash at all if the button is held down too long
  • for me this also leads to furiously re-pressing the dash button resulting in useless multi-dashs

Imho this should have a quite high priority since it affects the gameplay noticably in a key functionality.