Bugs on Chinese version

The Hotfix 1 balance is good. Here are some bugs on the Chinese version that I met and gathered on steam comments:

  1. After updating the patch, when selecting Simplified Chinese as the language, the in-game prompts at the top have changed to Korean. There is no issue with the language used in the dialogue. This bug needs to be fixed.

  2. When the game language is set to Chinese “both simplified and traditional”, gear status is not showing correctly. For example, when I put gems on a weapon, “attacks deal 13% extra” (extra what?) Then I changed it into English, Plague damage! It’s even worse for enchant status, it’s not showing at all

  3. In the Chinese version, there are still the following bugs:
    None of the weapons entries are displayed
    Crab meat mushroom skewers and some other recipes can not be made after learning
    Swimming on the right side of the shallows will fall out of the world
    Adjust the render range will make the game blink.

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