Bug in damage scaling

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Hello guys, I hope the formatting is correct.
I´ve found what I consider a bug in damage scaling for the governor sword. I tried to make a screenshot of the damage it does (20 per swing). According to the stats page it should be 48 after scaling and 31 base damage. I am not allowed to share more than 1 screenshot, my strength is 42 and I am wearing a ring that increases my damage by another 14%.
Thank you in advance for looking into this.

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The harder enemies have way higher armor which mitigates your increased damage. I feel like that’s what’s happening… depending on the enemy, i might hit for like 25 or hit for 10

That would mean that this normal siren enemy has damage reduction of 63 %. Thats just ridiculous.

I just checked, I do the same damage to all enemies with 3 different weapons. I don´t think enemies have damage reduction.

I am just noticing this in my game, whenever I equip a ring that increases armor by a percentage I see that reflected in the stats menu; however, when I see the damage is supposed to increase by a percentage I do not see the damage reflected in the stats menu. I think you are onto something here.