Book of Knowledge for Items and Drops

As the game will grow, more new items and materials will appear. And as of right now it has 5 or 6 gems to put on armor or weapon and I struggle to remember what does what effect.

So suggestion is to create a book, log-book, how ever you what to call it, similar interface to recipes, but it’d have materials and items, with more description information, on what item does, since some materials are zone specific, as you progress, notes in the book will update, adding more new information.

For example spruce wood, as you pick it for the first time, a new note added the the book, that this material used for crafting and building, can be found in zone 1, where player just picked it up, as player goes on and finds spruce wood in another zone, let it be zone 2, now description will include information such as can be found in zone 1 and zone 2.

For the gems is similar, but adds more info on what gem actually does, when infused to the item.

Affixes can be a separate chapter in the book, when you enchant an item with an affix for the first time or player finds an item with affix, it’s added to the book, and now player can have a better understanding what enchants they can expect form armor piece or a weapon, as well as cursed affixes

This will keep all the knowledge in one place, player won’t need external tools, to keep track, where something can be found and what it does, and you can even add an achievement for completing notes on all items.


I’d like to have this idea extended to the various diary/book entries (and other lore relevant collectibles) which can be found across the zones.


Right! Good idea.

Maybe have a section for found weapons, got to crucible and it just rains on me with different kind of weapons.