Audio issues (disappearing audio)

As it states, when I played the game, there were moments in the beginning where the audio disappeared even when the game was running normally. A particular moment was in the prologue (not the intro cutscene) where the audio glitch completely nullified most of Odessa’s dialogue yet came back when she finished (even though it still hitched). Not unplayable but still annoying.

Noted this issue yesterday. The audio appears to be there, but is conveyed from very far away, causing it to end up being a distant whisper. Destroys those gorgeous cutscenes.

Happens to me too every now and then. The only thing I can hear is basically the echo, like the reverb. It’s like the main audio channel disappeared. Specifically character actions, like mining and opening chests. Those sounds are gone. Only remedy I’ve found is restarting the game. i.e. quit to desktop and relaunch.