Audio bugs - Dialogue cutting in and out

Not very far in but the dialogue audio keeps cutting in and out. I can hear parts of it clearly, but a lot of it sounds like its coming from a tunnel far away. Happened in the beginning with the sailors and I thought it was just a design choice, but then on the first cinematic with the king everything he said was tunnel audio and everything the girl said was clear.

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I have problems with the sound too.
The game stops sending sounds ever 10 secs for 1-2 seconds…a fight is very difficult if you dont hear the enemy charging

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Happens to me too, I don’t know where the sound breaking comes from, maybe from fpd drop. The echo on some parts od dialogue is very strange. I thought it had to do with the recording.

Check something for me. In the Sound menu of Windows, go to the Playback tab, select your sound device, then press Configure. What is selected?

If it’s anything other than stereo, and you don’t have surround speakers plugged in, that might be the problem. If this is the case, set it to Stereo and try again.


Our game uses the center channel for much of our cinematic dialogue, and if the user has their device set to, for example, 5.1 Surround while their headphones are plugged into the Main/1+2 port, the game might be routing audio to a channel that doesn’t have a speaker plugged into it.