Anyone else not enjoying the black trench very much?

Yeah i find the sewers level annoying, i can’t really pin point it, but the monsters are awful, the riddles are annoying and the whole verticality seems mostly absent.

Every time i come to the trench i really wished i could just skip it. but it being a 3rd of the regions makes it kinda mandatory to run.

I also really dislike the exploding mobs and sirens being put into the glades and shallows, I’d rather have the bandits

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For me the mobs get really tiring, Siren & Boomer + Leeches. It feels more like an HP sponge but implemented differently. It just becomes a hassle to fight those mobs, so I just run past them.


The smaller mobs are too floaty and get pushed around too much i found, i was using the dual daggers, and whenever i attacked in a combo, the first few hits would push the enemies so far away from me that the finisher would miss, it needs adjusting imo.