Add toggle to turn off/on mouse dractional attack

Hi Moon Studio Team,

I just like to say I am really enjoying early access of no rest for the wicked, excellent job team!

I do have a request that could bring this game more accessible to people with disabilities. I have a handicap that prevents me from using my right hand effectively.

This means using a playstation or Xbox Controllers or keyboard and mouse is very difficult. I currently use a handful of products that help me with this limitation to play awide selection of games.

I have been playing this game for about 12 hours and have been able to get 99 percent of the controls down.

I currently use a razor tartarus v2 (Chroma Gaming Keypad - Razer Tartarus V2 | Razer Canada) as my main controller and use a foot pedal for secondary controls.

This is working very well. The only thing that is the issue right now, is the mouse dractional attack out of combat.

This makes it a little difficult to destroy items to find loot and to start an attack before the auto lock on engages.

I propose adding a toggle switch in control settings to turn mouse directional attack off or on.

This would make it like a controller play style, your character would simply attack the way it was facing like it works today using an Xbox Controller.

I realize this would not be on the top of the list, but if it could be implemented before game release. I believe this would help a great number of players.