A feedback and suggestions from Chinese players

Chinese is the original text, English is the mechanical translation

1, we need the function of resetting properties, using this function can pay a great price, but can not be without.
2, I found that the big sword type of heavy weapons, cutting toughness is really high, but it seems not easy to interrupt the movement of the monster, and this kind of heavy weapons because of the slow attack rate, the abnormal state of the monster is very slow, vampire entries for those weapons with high attack speed are very high, no damage can be vampire, but the big sword can not, It doesn’t make sense that the attack was slow and the blood sucked was the same as those small weapons.
3, this game is not protected by the hit, the monster knocked down to the ground, lying on the ground will still be hurt, but it is also easy to be knocked down by the monster.
4. As for rogue play, I found that there are few rooms and only one type of map, rogue play requires special rooms and special maps, and I found that this game does not give the player special buffs, these buffs should be given to the player in special rooms or when the player clears a scene. In short, the randomness of this rogue play is too low to even be called rogue, not even a mild rogue!