10 things noticed or thought of by an autistic gamer

Firstly, I do really like the game. I figured I’d just start off saying that, because I know how hard it can be to tell whether or not someone’s being genuine online. I just wanted to share a few little feedbacky items I thought about while gaming, from the perspective of I’m autistic and some of these things make it harder to play.

  1. the lack of a way in the game to look up the tutorial messages you’ve seen before, or journal entries/notes you’ve previously read makes it incredibly hard to understand several of the mechanics if you didn’t catch the explanation properly the first time. I have no idea what a whisper is for other than a checkpoint, no idea what channeling it does, and there’s no way for me to review that information while I’m playing. Most games I’ve played have some kind of option for reviewing the tutorial messages at the very least, and most of them also have a way to review the dialogues your character has taken part in. This has neither and that’s incredibly demoralizing for people with bad memory who now have no way to remind themselves of key aspects of the game that they might not be using often.

  2. The durability system is broken, but it does encourage me to actually use the random weapons I’m picking up instead of just sticking to the same one all the time. The only incentive I see for the system is in encouraging trying out different weapons, however as it is, that can’t save the system from its problems. Main problem being, it punishes you for dying in a way that before a certain point of the game makes it near impossible for someone who is having a harder time figuring out the combat to actually enjoy the game and get anywhere with it.

  3. I started my playthrough on a GPD Win 4, it has an AMD Ryzen 7840 U processor with Radeon 780M graphics (mine also has 64gb ram and a 4tb ssd). Not the strongest thing in the world but it works. And it actually works really well. EXCEPT the cutscene dialogue was not synced with the actual cutscene. I think this might have been caused by the system rendering the game at a lower FPS than the cutscene was intended to play at. There was no stuttering or anything wrong with the audio it just played out of sync with the character’s speaking animations and the actual events in the scenes.

  4. In the quest to get the flower for the alchemist in the cave, a quest I almost missed because the ladder blended into the environment because there’s basically no visual distinction between things that are interactable and things that aren’t (and the game just overall being too dark visually), once you touch the flower and see god ect the visual effects of that are a little too strong imo. They make me dizzy, but not so much that they’re actively triggering my vertigo. It could stand to be toned down just a hair, mostly on the part of whatever makes it wibble wobble. Either tone it down, or have it connected to the motion blur setting so that if motion blur is turned off, that wobbly effect is turned off as well.

  5. If you’re going to keep the durability, enemies need to drop weapons and armors more frequently to make up for how tedious it is to go back to the blacksmith just because you don’t have spare pants in your inventory the moment they break.

  6. Fall damage is stupid. (That’s a joke, but also it takes a fall of only what appears to be around two feet to do damage to you? As the Main Character of a Video Game that seems really ridiculous. I might be rather realistic with someone as clumsy as I am, but in a game that just feels like it’s punishing me for not realizing there was even a ledge there in the first place which also goes back to the game being too dark visually.)

  7. There’s not enough dogs and cats for me to pet.

  8. I found a fairy circle and stole all its mushrooms and was paranoid for ten minutes before I realized the game doesn’t care that I did that. I feel like that was a missed opportunity for some kind of environmental trap or hazard. Don’t mess with fairy circles.

  9. I feel like only letting us cook what we have recipes for is a missed opportunity in the crafting system. Let us experiment! Sure we might accidentally create a deadly poison instead of a delicious meal, but that’s just life! Plus if you gave the character charcoal and a paper, they could write the recipe down and sell it to other people! Profit!

  10. I’m very much enjoying the game but when I accidentally unplugged my controller and plugged it back in, the game no longer recognized there was a controller at all and I had to restart which is very annoying cause my cat likes to pull the cord out of the computer when I’m not giving her enough attention.

Thanks for listening, I hope anything I said here was useful.

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I was expecting a boss or a trap too but t’s a good spot to return for farming, I guess?

I agree with you and I’d like to add: game let me put marks on the map so if I see a chest I can’t get or a place I want to check after a while I can mark it, it’s cool