Will there be a free camera or as it is?:

There is another question, regarding the damage numbers, it’s just a very useful thing, depending on which set or weapon to fight, plus I wanted to know how things will increase stats?

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We have no plans of allowing players to change the camera for now.

And yes, you are able to turn on damage numbers.

As for how stats scale, we’ll work with some wiki owners to get more info out there.


Yes, another tricky question, regarding the value, I really hope it won’t be for the cloud, so all the players had the money to buy it, thanks

The camera does a pretty good job as is. The curved world was a brilliant idea but it really is only beneficial when moving north, visibility is very limited on the sides and bottom.

You should consider having limited camera motion, like being able to slightly pan it temporarily with the right thumbstick since that’s not really being used. Something like they did in Hollow Knight. This allows you to peek in a direction and shouldn’t be to hard to implement since it’s only panning the view slightly.


Will the camera zoom in so you can take pictures of the character and show off?

I just suggested this in feedback, as it would help with offscreen enemies like the bomb throwers that you can’t even see yet, or enemies that jump like the axe wielders. Make the R joystick useful w a slight sliding camera or give the offscreen enemies a more audible cue before they attack. While I’m loving the isometric Soulslike, offscreen enemies having that advantage of range or jump ability is an issue w this implementation.