Wife deleted my character (long story)

Posted this in the Steam forums, but figured the more help the better. :slight_smile:
Any way to restore it from backups? :slight_smile:

Here is a picture of my backup directory:
If you copy/paste it works vs clicking the link for some reason.

So is there a way to extract the .dat files into something I can use to restore my character?

The good news is she only deleted my character, so I do have the realms with all my stuff and upgrades. :smiley: hehe I wanted to make a new character anyway, so I may have to do that. Still seeing if Iā€™m able to restore my old chacter first, before diving in.

Maybe you should think about a divorce :wink:
Or at least another password.

lol, no divorce :slight_smile:

Then the password change it is :wink:
My suggestion is:


Oh my god my crazy wife messes with my gaming. How did i deserve that. :smile:

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Haha :smiley: I may need to use that one.