Unbelieavle art, animation, modeling and attention to detail

I absolutely adore the art direction and commitment to atmosphere and polish you guys are bringing to the cutscenes and as such, it would be super amazing if we can get a menu area where we can watch previously seen cutscenes or some kind of unlocked video thingy.

Seconded! A bestiary or ‘guide book’ about the items, consumables, resources, and everything else where we can essentially browse them in game, even if only from the main menu, would be awesome. I don’t care if I have to unlock it (but prefer some things already unlocked?)

I also actually came here to say that I love the art and feel of the game so much, that I wish this same group of people would make a “farming / town / shoppe / governor” simulator of some sort, too.

Living as a farmer, gatherer, or artisan of some kind in this specific world, based on the established lore, and in the same overall style would be amazing. I know this is mostly a souls-like ARPG , but when I reached Sacrament, I had to hand my steam deck to my wife and tell her, “check this place out, just walk around but don’t buy anything.” It was that good. I don’t know the last game I did that with towards anyone, and my wife only plays 1 video game and even then it only started a few months ago (stardew valley).

In the meantime, I’ll let her pick which what I invest my time and resources into around the town.