Tutorial Area Hardlock / File Reset

I finished the tutorial area (ship) with little to no health left, when the cutscene started. At the end of the cutscene the screen glitched out a little and I heard a dying sound, resulting in me respawning on the ship with only one enemy left alive, half of the sound effects gone and my character in the “beach” state (no sword, no clothes). I was not able to progress any further from this point onwards, and loading the realm anew resulted in the entire tutorial being reset.

logs: https://file.io/IGUe27puNaJt

I also had this problem. Only difference was I died during the tutorial and respawned to finish it. After cut scene of ship crashing. Audio was bugged, character was naked, with one enemy on the ship, and nothing to do. I exited the game. Reopened it and played the tutorial over again.

During the first attempt all the items I found were coins. Second playthrough of the tutorial and I was finding coins and apples.