Third time upgrading a building has failed

three times now i have donated 10 pine and 5 copper to upgrade a shop and seen the 59min countdown start. i leave and play the game for a little bit and then it either crashes or i just decide to stop playing and come back to it later.

every time, the building project timer has disappeared, the upgrade hasn’t happened, and the resources i gave to it are gone and i have to gather them again

Huh, that’s strange, we’ll investigate and fix this ASAP.

Just to try to hone in on the issue: Are you sure your system’s time is set up correctly and hasn’t changed? Because if you do fiddle with your system time in order to cheat, these kinda things will happen.

thank you for the speedy reply, my general process has been to go to the blue wispy checkpoint below the quest giver in sacrament and activate it so that i know i’ll spawn there next time i play, and then i pause and leave the game. that’s all i’m doing, not doing any odd things with system time or any of that. i dont know if i’m doing something incorrectly here

Similar issue happened to me yesterday but also i was unable to select the correct upgrade.I mean i wanted to upgrade the blacksmith and selected it but for some reason the game get the donation for the enchantment shop i’ve checked before. In the preview i’m reading about the blacksmith of course that’s why i was sure upgrading that.

that’s also happened to me where i think i’m upgrading one shop and then the timer starts on something else. in any case, that timer went away when i closed out the game too