The Inn and what it offers

Hi guys,
I just upgraded Caroline’s Inn to level 3, but I doesn’t really give me anything new (unless I missed something?).
Now I don’t know what the plans are with the Inn, you probably have some cool stuff in the works, but I would love for it to have a more D&D kind of vibe. By that I mean a place you go for information, rumors or work.
And by upgrading the Inn you would expand on these systems.

Some examples from the top of my head; maybe the bounties and challenges could be moved to being part of the Inn progression. Maybe rumors are a more vague “quest” where you need some more legwork before being able to find some hidden treasure, or it leads to some boss fight.

I for one would love for the Inn to be a place I go back to whenever I’m back in town, just to see if something new is going on.


I’m not sure if I’m even getting the rested bonus bc there’s no indication of what your even getting

The Inn would be the perfect place for players joining your realm to spawn in.

I’m sure multitude of uses are planned for the Inn. There has to be atleast one shady questgiver in a dimly lit corner of the Inn.