Stuck in tower geometry (UPDATED: got worse)

stuck in sacrament tower geometry and no way to get back out. i can’t even restart at a whisper, tried hopping realms even, and still stuck here. game just loads back with me still stuck in tower. can I not progress this game then?

see replies for more images.

UPDATE 1: finally shimmied out and tried to leave area, fell into rock ditch geometry and seems to have no movement options now even.

UPDATE 2 - final: had to bomb myself to death, but did that and got out. respawned at whisper. i’ve been stuck in other geometry before, mostly at edges of zones. need a way to get out if so. something in game that kills you. luckily I had just enough bombs to kill myself.

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UPDATE: got worse

UPDATE: got worse

Wow, I’m stuck in the same spot. Don’t have enough items to kill myself.

So that’s it for the game then? RIP.

Some one said they restarted in a similar situation and game spawned them outside of geometry. Try that. Otherwise, create a new realm and you redo stuff but keep character progression and items.

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It’s okay. I was able to sort it out via cheat engine to fly back within bounds.

Oh nice. What’s this cheat engine??

Yes there’s got to be a way to move between realms so you do not respawn at the same location. Good that people are finding and reporting these issues!

You can also “load from last whisper” from the game menu which is helpful for stuck situations.

Ah yes, that would solve stuck issues. Thanks.

hello, i am stuck. how can u help me? i have a video about this problem.

If trying to maneuver out of stuck situation fails, exit out to main menu and restart from last whisper. There’s an option with a key/button combo to do that.

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