Spoken & Unspoken mission bug

Hi guys. Thanks for game :slight_smile: I have this problem.

I finished the main story. then I watched the speech cinematic in the center and in the center Roan gave me the book but the book fell to the ground instead of going to the inventory. because my inventory of materials was full because he saw the book as an item. then I deleted the item and picked up the book and went to Elsa for the quest but Elsa doesn’t see the book as if I have it. but she keeps repeating the but i must confess dialogue.

I wonder if the authorities are aware of it?

I am having the same problem

I am having this bug as well.

I reloaded the realm and still have the issue.

I have actually tried with every save state i can.

I don’t believe the item dropped the first time but it does now. Elsa also has a messed up speach. She repeats dialogue and gets some out if order.