Rune Specials for Shields

Currently shields feel like a piece of equipment, they are, but I think they can be much more. Shields currently don’t alter the gameplay besides offering a block mechanic and being a stat increase at the cost of increased weight.

Rune specials for shields could add some more gameplay depth. Similarly, to how runes currently are, somewhat, unique to one-handed, two-handed or dual-wield. It could be the same for shields with their Light, Medium and Great categorization.

Unsure whether or not this could work with how the rune system currently works. But, some more depth to shields would be really cool.

Here are some ideas:


  • Knockout: use a buckler to clobber your foe for increased stagger.

  • En Garde: enter a stance where blocking triggers a counterattack.


  • Ricochet: when activated you ricochet projectiles when blocking for a limited time.

  • Slam: slam your shield into an enemy knocking them down (similar to shoulder bash but usable for non-heavy builds)


  • Battering Ram: basically, the same move from some of the knightly looking risen, where they slam their shield down and charge forward.

  • Unmovable Object: enter a full block stance for limited time that instantly parries the next attack.


Agreed! Would love to see runes for shields as well! I really hope to see some improvements there. :slight_smile:

Somehow stumbled upon this topic days later. Thomas actually confirmed there to be future shield runes in the official Discord server!


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Yeah, that is amazing. Some of the shield animations are already in game, would also give so much more identity to people who use shields. Glad to see they have a lot more planned.

Thanks for posting this and informing us @DankMemeGod :+1: