Remove Waiting for Building Projects

I don’t think we need to wait for building projects to complete. Moon has said the game will not have micro-transactions, so what’s the point of this mechanic? In a mobile/browser game, timers like this are used to increase retention and get people to purchase speed-ups or other in-game items. I don’t see the need for it in Wicked. Just adds another tedious step.


I disagree.

But I think the times should be adjusted or be changed to be not really time dependent.

I feel things being instantly there would take away from the game feel and world immersion.

But waiting 4h (or longer?) is also not nice, because it basically means come back tomorrow.

Times should probably either be adjusted to be max 1 hour.
Or should be complete after the Player has left the town for a significant amount of time.


Fair enough. I’d still prefer instantaneous building since it takes time to go farm the resources, but if we have to have a timer I agree max 1 hour on anything. Most things should probably be in the 5-15 minute range.

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I’d be fine with having to leave the city and go fight or resource farm for the construction to be completed, but having any sort of arbitrary time limit or cooldown for this kind of thing definitely feels way to “mobile gamey”. As things stand currently the “feature” or system is a major deterrent from an otherwise great game so far, especially given the state of the resource economy ingame currently.

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I quite like that they seem to have a few systems built in to discourage “no lifeing” the game. Diablo-likes tend to encourage that kind of play and I support the devs in discouraging it.

Unfortunately it is one more way they’re butting up against the die-hards of the communities that this game would most appeal to.

I get where they’re coming from. But unless they have plans to make multiplayer an absolute necessity for the game and the various improvements you can make to the city would give such players, myself included, an unfair advantage. I personally don’t see the point in bottlenecking progression of players who want to “no-life” the game. Especially when the type of game in question definitely draws in that type of player base.

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I think the times should be cut in half to 2 hours

Id argue the state of the ARPG community is an argument against having the game encourage “no lifeing”

No-lifeing is gonna happen regardless, if not here then a different “similar” game. Multiple systems meant to deter that type of player, which is a large portion of the ARPG typical player base, being in place would just drive those potential fans to other games that allow the player to play how they want. Bringing down the concurrent players of your game by saying “No, you cant play your way.” and sending them to other similar games doesn’t seem like the best model from a business stand point.

Would someone mind explaining the “no-lifeing” term to me? Genuine question. I just haven’t heard this term before.

Just gonna give my opinion on this. Do not remove waiting times. Could be adjusted but doesn’t need removal.

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No-lifeing is basically just grinding out the game without playing other games.

It’s simply a time-gating mechanic. They want to slow you down while they work on more content. You’ll get bored if you finish everything too fast. I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but I understand what they are trying to do. It’s an element of realism, but it serves no purpose in a single-player game and doesn’t really affect multiplayer either.

I feel this isn’t really important to change because you’ll eventually get everything unlocked. The only significant factor is getting the raw materials. If you got all of them at once, you could finish all the T3 building projects in the same 4 hour window. Thankfully, they increased clay acquisition so it’s actually bearable now. I would just accept that and leave it alone.

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I don’t mind the waiting times so far, particularly since they continue to run when not in-game. Hope the high tier ones don’t turn into pay-to-upgrade nightmares though.


Ok got it. Thank you!

Fortunately, they’ve publicly stated that the game will not have micro transactions. Hopefully they never change their minds on that!


maybe instead of removing the timer or reducing it , what if you could start that timer at any point , and gathering the materials for it reduces the timer ? I often find that looking for the materials takes just as much time as it does for the building to be built so it could be a good middle ground methinks .

There is a suggestion in another topic relevant to this, instead of removing wait time, devs can make so time used for timer is in-game time, which makes more sense, gives more immersions and doesn’t take as much time as real timer would

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