Reduce size and visual of large chest [12715]

In version 12715 (patch #4), the Engraved Hearthside Chest was added.
There are issues with its size and visuals that are worth noting.

1. Object size. It takes up too much space even in the most expensive house. It is impossible to place it so that the element looks appropriate and does not stand out from its surroundings.

Also, its size violates the game logic and perception of the game; all in the tower we have already seen a large chest, but of a standard size.

2. Its texture. It looks like a stretched base chest. Perhaps this was an attempt to temporarily improve the user experience by providing large storage, but this was done as simply and quickly as possible.

3. Price. It doesn’t feel significant for the mid-to-late game, which means it loses value in the eyes of level 20-30 players.

I suggest:
— Reduce object size by 30-50%
— Change the chest texture to something more appropriate
— (optional) Increase the cost of a chest by 3-4 times


I agree with the chest. The current status of the Engraved Hearthside Chest is the width of two Medium Chests. The combined amount of storage of the two medium chests is now 60 with the increased storage allowed of 30 each. The fact that the Hearthside Chest can only hold 40 but takes up the space of two chests that can hold a combined 60 makes no sense.

The following corrections could be done to make this specific chest better.

Keep the size, but increase the holding capacity to 70 or 80.

  • 80 would be ideal for the size and limitations on where they can be placed in your house.

Or, as mentioned in your post, make the size be smaller (that of the one in the rookery) and hold at least 40 to 50.

Agree it doesn’t even look like a chest every time I see it I just think it’s a drawer for clothes