Realm got deleted out of nowhere

I still have the realm files in the folder, but they dont show up ingame. What should i do, because its almost a 20h realm.

Try opening the file with text editor and check that field account id is the same as your other realms or your character.

Iā€™m not at my pc to give step by step instruction but i have tried it and you can give your realm save to a friend all they have to do is put their account id in the file.

My Realm is now displayed ingame but when i try to join the realm it says: Realm data not available offline

Very strange never seen that, most probably the save file got corupted.
Try loading a backup, the game should create backups for the realm.

YES it worked, just had to copy the binaryinfo from the backup and put it into a random realm :smiley:

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