Please Improve the Depth of Field and Bokeh

As everyone else has said the art design in this game is top notch. But the Depth of field and Bokeh effect could be better. DOF samples foreground object into the background so things have a noticeable halo around them. Not enough samples are being used for the Bokeh so it ends up looking like a dot with 6 dots around it. There are tons of resources for a proper hexagonal Bokeh effect (Hexagonal Bokeh Blur Revisited – ZigguratVertigo’s Hideout) So I’m not sure why it wasn’t properly implemented since the effect is heavily used.

I had a similar gripe with the Ori games, maybe it was an issue with the resolution scaling, but the bloom effect had noticeable artifacts. It looked like you guys used a box blur instead of a gaussian one and then spaced the samples out to far apart.

I’m a developer with a focus on graphics so I’m probably being nit picky here, but it really mars an otherwise excellent presentation.