New weapons coming! (Healer weapon suggestions)

With Thomas’ recent tweets we’ve been given a glimpse of some of the weapons coming! He’s made mention of a great bow 2 handed bow, fist weapons, and he’s made mention of some healer or support weapons!

I am very excited about this news and i have a few suggestions for some healer weapons I’d like to see in the game!

#1 the two handed cane for faith build. I’m not sure how a cane is a healer weapon theoretically but it has been a staple healer class weapon dawning on the beginnings of rpgs and arpgs for decades and I think it would be really cool to see in wicked!

#2 offhand idle for faith build. I’m thinking they could have an idle type off hand relative to their fanatic religious group they have presently in their game. It be nice to have the option of one handed weapons and a support item as an off hand!

#3 a frying pan off hand universal no stat required. Or a two handed frying pan strength build. The cook has fallen off the face of the planet as a support build in video games and I think would be the perfect fit for this game! Being able to cook not at a fire place and having a secondary cooldown for your equipped food item that you can use to heal yourself or you teammates!

Let me know what you think!

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wow,that was great news, I can’t log in to Twitter, please help me provide relevant screenshot information,thank you very much

That actually all sounds really sick. Excited for all of those.

I know wands exist in the game files - maybe those will be the support weapons? Actually would be sort of nice if offensive wands (so staffs, but just one-handed) existed too though, so maybe hopefully not.

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A cook build would be awesome; the frying pan could have unique affixes increase food drops from killed hostiles and world pickups.

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I don’t have twitter either. Don’t need more social media in my life lol. Its in this video at about 9:50 he starts mentioning the weapons.

Wands would be sick I’m just curious the melee move set for them.

I feel like it would work so good with this game for real.

thank you very much, It would be better if the game information was released here。

Traditionally speaking, magical staffs could be use as healing item if it has healing rune. But things could go further with bandage (as whip), syringe (thrust weapon), scalpel, scissors, defibrillator, etc. Half of this comment is just joking, btw.