Known Bugs/Issues


Collision - There may be instances where you can get stuck or fall through the world. If you end up stuck, exit to the main menu, go to your realm in the realms menu and use the CONTINUE FROM LAST WHISPER option to spawn back at the last whisper you activated.

Unexpected Progression Loss - If you lose progression for any reason, exit to the main menu, go to your realm in the realms menu and use BACKUPS to go back to an earlier save in your realm.

Controller Support - If you encounter issues with your controller not working in-game, check if Steam Input is Enabled in Steam.

  • Playstation controllers are known to only work with Steam Input Enabled.

Global Issues

Performance - We are constantly reviewing and optimizing performance and will continue to do so post-launch.

  • You may encounter hitches as you load into new areas.
  • You can set Quality Presets as well as other options in the SETTINGS menu to help improve frame rate.
  • Installing No Rest for the Wicked on an SSD is highly recommended.

Localization - Language support will be on-going post launch.

  • You may encounter untranslated text. If you do please help us hunt those down and report them!

Faders - There may be times that the environment will not fade away properly. These will be reviewed and fixed.

Controls - There are currently no in-game rebindable controls. Controller has 1 layout, keyboard and mouse has 2 layouts. (updated)

Controls - Current UI will only display Xbox buttons for controller bindings. Keyboard and mouse will show correct bindings. (updated)

Aspect Ratios - Below are the currently supported aspect ratios. We will be improving and adding aspect ratios support over time. (new)

  • 16:9
  • 16:10
  • 21:9
  • 64:27
  • 43:18
  • 12:5