"In the Depths" weekly bounty boss invisible

Took a bounty, went to boss from the town and it was invisible whole fight.


Just killed the invisible plague boss bounty in the black trench! that was tier 3 hard mode LOL! it dropped down from celling smashed the crates and I about had a heart attack! 0.0

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Same here. Same boss, invisible for me too. Here’s the pic:

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Yeah just accepted this bounty and he’s invisible to me as well. No attack trails, no nothing to see.

woah. thanks for the report. will turn off his invisibility cloak :+1:

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I am having the same problem. It’s the plagued abomination you have to kill for the weekly bounty “In the Depths”. The boss is invisible, no matter wether you entered through the city entrance or through the Shallows.
Another bug connected to this fight (or the area): If you try to leave the fight arena via the northern steps leading to the long ladder, the screen turns black and you appear back in Sacrament in front of the sewer entrance - given the invisible monster has not beaten you to death during the black screen, which happened to me once :slight_smile:

The quest

The invisible monster destroying a barrel (as good as invisible monsters can be seen on screenshots ^^)

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Weird. I just killed this guy and he showed up fine for me :smile:

Yup, same here. Though i beat him, but i wish to witness his look cause i bet his design is astonishing :))

Thank you for the report, Bug has been escalated!

Same here

Same thing happened to me the other day. Freaked me out! lol I ended up tabbing out and loading the Realm back up again. and it was visible.

Weird. He showed up for me, he looks like John Cena.

Yep this was fixed last hotfix! Happy Bounty hunting :slight_smile:

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I will say though, he gets stuck when he tries to come into the area just before you get to him if you lure him back over. He’ll make his way inside partially and then just stand there - although he will also literally disappear and spawn back where he was if you go too far back inside, away from him - so I can keep shooting arrows at him several feet away.

Figure I’d mention it because it’s a cheap exploit. I’d provide a video but I’m at work.