I deleted charater that had preorder reward items by mistake before I put thoese items in the item box

is it possible to get the pre-order items again? Please help…

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EDIT: Disregard mine. I forgot I could just go back to my realm.

I did the same thing sort of. I started my character over because I thought I messed up on them. My pre-order items were in the item box before though and they weren’t there for the new character. I couldn’t redeem it again either.

Save issue for me except mine are gone for good

If you lost your Cerim Armor here is how to get it back.

Close the game.
Go to C:\Users{user name}\AppData\LocalLow\Moon Studios\NoRestForTheWicked\DataStore
Open the file AccountSettings_LOCAL.dat with notepad or any text editor
At the end of the file find “HasClaimedEarlyAccessRewards”:true
Replace true with false “HasClaimedEarlyAccessRewards”:false
Save the file
Open the game and go clame the armor again

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Any idea how I might do that on GeForce Now?