How much is it going to cost

…when it comes out April 18th?


They’ve not publicly said yet I don’t think. But based on both Ori release prices (including the definitive edition) I imagine somewhere between £14.99 and £29.99 for me in the UK.

Not sure where you’re based but you can convert that into your currency!

Pricing will be announced soon per the CM (and I mean we only have a little over a month to go!).

My guess is $30-to-$40 range for Early Access, and then $40-to-$50 for the Full release.

Personally, I’m hoping the delay in pricing announcement is a sign that they’re cooking-up a Deluxe edition(s) so we have the option to provide some extra support. :crossed_fingers:

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I plan on buying twice, once for PC (Steam Deck) and another for PS5. It would be great if there was a small break for that, but I don’t mind giving my money to good games and companies.

Since it’s cross-play, I will buy reg on one and Deluxe on the other… hope that the deluxe stuff will carry over to both like Blizz did with Diablo IV.


Just saw over on Discord that price will be revealed around March 27th! Coolness! @Mikey-CM :slight_smile:


Yep, they updated. :smiley:

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