Faulty digging animation when using Iron Shovel


I noticed a consistent animation glitch when shoveling with the Iron Shovel

I’ve discovered a consistent pattern in animation faliure regardless of the area of the digging or dighole, but it seems to pertain only to the Iron Shovel (however I cannot speak on any superior ones if there are any. The Copper showel works as intended.

The second digging animation (in succession) will always fail (as seen in the image, the character will go into unarmed combat stance) while the first and any animation there after will proceed normally.

I’m not tapping the interact button nor canceling it mid animation, I simply always hold the interact button as with the woodcutting axe and the pickaxe.


Seconding this - same thing happens for me.

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I noticed this as well today after the update.

Same. Seems it just started happening after latest update.

Have the same issue with the iron and silver shovel

Video (with no sound. Forgot zo record it too) : https://youtu.be/gaZ7jJ6zdu0

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Came to report this same issue, can confirm it’s only the iron shovel

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