Enemy Attack Tracking

During enemy combos; more noticeable for larger enemy types, when I dodge an attack that’s coming my way they end up rotating and still getting a hit on me mid-attack. Making dodge void in some cases due to the tracking. Simple fix would be that enemies can’t rotate whilst the attack animation is taking place, especially for heavy attacks that have weight to them.


+1 to this.
It’s so annoying that you can’t dodge attacks. Midway in the air they just hone in on your location and hit you regardless of doing 1-2 dodges.

I agree, some enemies just aimbot mid combo, especially those super fast dual wielding rogues!

It is just a timing issue on your side. You are dodging too early in the animation.

maybe it is an issue on my end, but even so I think it’s still an issue. I’m going to naturally dodge if I see the weapon in mid-air and if it’s about to hit me. So maybe it’s the case of the window being too short.

Literally signed up to say this, super frustrating

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