Echo Knight Save Bug

Got to Echo Knight and died while in phase 2. Quit to desktop right after spawning in the main chamber with the quest giver. Logged back in after about 5 minutes and was surprised to see that I was at Echo Knight, rather than in the main chamber. Attempted him again and this time won, but after trying to take elevator to loot room it put me back into a normal room where I died from fall damage while trying to kill mobs. Please fix this so other players don’t get screwed over like I did.

Edit: For additional informational purposes, I logged back in again after logging out to desktop and was in the room I died in with mobs respawned (loaded in right about to get hit by an enemy). This time I defeated the room, but I’m stuck in an endless loop of the same room with the enemies I killed still dead. I went ahead and killed myself to re spawn back in the chamber and to my surprise the quest giver was standing there as if I had looted the tablet item. So got to finish the quest, but didn’t get my extra loot. Sigh.