Challenges unable to contribute materials

Hello there!, there is an issue with the Challenges I’m not allowed to supply the materials to complete them, the following link is a directory with all the file requested for the issue Bugfiles - Google Drive
also game awesome so far,
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I also had this same issue.

When I’m talking to the NPC that hands out challenges and select the challenge I want to turn in, the menu shows “X” to “Contribue” and “Y” for “Contribute all”. Clicking either of these buttons does nothing and gives no indication anything happens. “X” and “Y” work outside of this menu just fine (would be hard pressed to get to this point without them lol).

I decided to switch to keyboard+mouse. The menu now changes to “E” for “Contribute” and “C” for “Contribute all”. These buttons didn’t work either.

However, when I use the mouse and click on the text “Contribute” or “Contribute all”, then it contributes to the challenge and I can turn it all in successfully. Hope this tip can help unblock other’s progress in the mean time while this gets sorted out.


Came here to report the same thing. A pain while on the Steam Deck. But using the mouse for the first time worked well.

Same issue for me, pressing the buttons does nothing

Thanks for the tip, i will try that later