Cerim Early Access armor - AND twitch drops

Guys, buying the EA, the “only” reward you provide us with is an armor, which is okay. But THAT one armor, is LIMITED to a ONE TIME USE? That is nuts! i was forced to make a new Realm, and now i can’t get that ONE thing the early access purchase should give.
Along with twitch emotes etc.
It HAS to be ACCOUNT WIDE, Not based on 1 realm/character…


For certain. Armor, for me, is less about the stats and more about looking cool.
On the topic of drops, they must not have played a game with drops before, or something. One-off cosmetic drops are all fine and dandy, but they really should be permanent.
My only guess is they want it to be limited because of the durability system.
Frankly, for the armor, they really just need a cosmetic transmog system. It’s a thing in practically every game under the sun at this point.
Realistically, they didn’t do it because the main game they took after on the game’s design doc itself doesn’t have it, because, y’know… Fashion Souls, and instead of making it a unique experience WITH the feature, they prefer to just make it follow the design doc to a tee.

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I think there is a chest called community chest where u can put items which can be used between all the realms. Idk if it woks like that, but in this way you should be able to use that armor with other characters?

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nah, that is bound to that specific realm.

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Agree, not having access to the Cerim armor on a second realm seems like a missing feature. I’d assume that EA rewards were account bound and not realm bound.

I lost mine by mistake in deleting the wrong realm–and since farming different realms has been something of a necessity for weaker Soulslikers like myself–I really hope another way to get the armor will be available or patched in! Not whining as I love the EA game, but it seems like a small request from your most loyal Day One purchasers! : )

Same. I deleted my first realm and character… and now I’m shit out of luck. Not cool, there shoulda been a warning at least. v_v

Or at least give us all DLC to our Steam Accounts or something. @.@

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Agree with this 100%. Early access bonuses, twitch drops etc. should be account wide and per character or per realm… please dev’s, make this possible.

Absolutely crazy to have it as a one-time-only redeem. Make these account bound if there is any concern around trading.

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When I first discovered this problem, my brain fell into an incredible state

Same issue. I forgot I had the Early Access drops and accidentally deleted the realm they were in because I could not use them. Would be great to have a way to bind those to an account rather than a realm.