cerim armor problem

By accident I sold Cerim Armor is there any chance to get it again?

you will find your answer here I accidently sold my cerim's outfit - #2 by crdnt

not work for me i even try making new character on new world.

I really hope they offer a way to get the armor (back) somehow. Same thing here: deleted the wrong realm before my new character had picked it up from the old realm. Yeah, it’s my fault, but this system also seems a perverse sort of reward for EA adopters. Couldn’t they make it linked to an account and not realm/character? Game is great and this is hardly a big deal as it’ll take me a while to LVL 21 anyway, but I do hope the devs revisit it and we/I can get the Cerim Armor back as an eager and largely satisfied Day One adopter: )

Maybe make a recipe of it. I think it’s simple idea.

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Exactly. It’s not like the game is planned to be a cosmetics shop anyway. Just make the armor available again somehow is what I hope eventually transpires. If I make it to LVL 21 that is–which becomes more likely every hotfix/patch they come out with. Super happy to contribute to this EA so far. Can only get better with this kind of dev responsiveness.