Can we have Katanas?

I think that Katanas will be a great addition to the game.

Edit: My bad I didn’t know there were katanas in game

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Found one in the nameless passage. Honed Katana i think it was, level 11 and i’m only level 9 so haven’t tried it yet.


There are Katanas in the game

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thanks, I will try looking for it in the location you have mentions.

Weapon spawns in general are randomized loot, I think the only guaranteed weapon is the 2 hander at the very beginning. The rest are random drops from enemies or chests.

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my luck must be really bad then, I have found 10+ two handed weapons and not once did I find a Katana. I ended up selling all of them.

Yeah, that’s the nature of RNG unfortunately. I keep finding maces.