Bug: Stuck behind grate

I got stuck behind a grate/fence in the area before Sacrament. To get stuck I tried to break it with a Claymore charge up attack and the attack put me behind it.

google drive: NoRestForTheWicked - Google Drive

Me too, same bug… Claymore, charge and same as @Bone

I also got stuck there yesterday and I couldn’t get out. After re-login I still was there, this morning I tried again and suddenly I logged in and was near the gate!
Also, they pointed out a workaround in the steam news, which should help in cases like this one:

  • Collision: There may be instances where you can get stuck or fall through the world. If you end up stuck, exit to the main menu, go to your realm in the realms menu and use the CONTINUE FROM LAST WHISPER option to spawn back at the last whisper you activated.