Bug in reward challenges

I completed the quest and return for sacrament to reward the stuffs and only have replace the quest


duplicate of Cannot complete challenges/bounties - #3 by nerdassassin

I actually have the same issue. as it seems right now, you actually turn in the bounty/challenge when completed, but the replace window still pops up :face_in_clouds:


Thank you for the report. Investigating :+1:


I’m having the same issue.

here are the files requested as per the How to report a bug post: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I am trying to turn in a quest and one of the rewards is a scythe. I would REALLY like to be able to turn in the request and get the rewards as I’ve played 20 hours so far and have yet to actually get a scythe because of the rng. PLEASE let me get these rewards.

bonjour j’ai le même problème (25/04/2024)
Quête terminée, mais il me demande si je veux changer de quête !!!

I have the same problem. This bug is so frustrating. It’s like working for a month and when it’s payday, it says, “Oh, there’s no payday for this month.”

Hi, I found the replacement of the prompt after completing the task, and chose to get the reward.

I received this bug as well. I did a weekly and a daily challenge and the option for both was to replace, not turn in / complete. Lost out on both, blindly got rid of each :confused:

same issue with challenges!

The challenge actually gets validated when selecting “replace”, you get the xp and item rewards
But if you have other challenges activated, this will abandon all those in the same category (daily or weekly) and reset their progress

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Thanks for the info! Looking into it