BUG: Falling sky legendary staff effects

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I’ve got the legendary staff yesterday ‘Falling Sky’ and I have been testing the 2 effects without getting any dmg increase.

Effect one, when you have Max Focus you get a damage increase. I tested this with basic atks and skills, atacking similar monsters without having my focus full and with the focus full and the numbers are the same.

As you can see here the base basic atk dmg is around 44 -48, and then here with with my focus full is the same. I tested this in other enemies and its the same.

Effect two, when you do a rune atk the next rune atk has increased dmg. I have tested this with different spells, also doing the teleport first then atacking (which you have the dmg increased) and compared that with doing the rune atk directly, the dmg is the same. Check this video, its interesting that you get the dmg buff in the screen if you check it out but the actual dmg number doesn’t change. I have loged out and in, unequip and equip the staff again and its the same.

My staff:

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“No access” message appears when trying to use the links in your topic. Looks like you need to set up an access for every person who has a link to file in your google drive.

Thanks man! it should be public now. Note that this might have improved with the hotfix 6, I think one of the 2 effects was working last time I checked

About 1st one: in my localization it says “damage increased based on your maximum focus”, ie longer focus bar (no matter how filled it is) - more dmg, which seems to be true looking at your screenshot with 21 dmg and video with 44 - 48 dmg.

About 2nd: Ive checked, you are right rune damage isnt increased, but instead, attack dmg is increased after rune usage, so description or behavior should be fixed

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About the first one the numbers won’t match because you need to also consider the scalling of the stats regardless the dmg number in the item itself.

But yeah this should be re tested maybe using a ring that increase max focus and then without the ring