Auto-Collect harvested materials from collection points

When harvesting materials from collection points (trees, ore deposits, digging) make it so the materials are auto-collected when finished, I mean, we are harvesting to get them in the first place. Just to streamline the process and be on our way faster to get killed somewhere.



I would go even one step further (got this from Action RPG’s channel) and say that, pressing the button once instead of multiple times (or holding it down) to perform the action of chopping/mining/digging would be welcomed. Make movement cancel the action (just in case you’re attacked mid-gather).

I don’t mind clicking buttons, but my middle-aged man hands are a bit over having to mash buttons for such a task. Let’s just, push to start, auto-collect after it drops (if you have space - that’s ANOTHER issue), and move to cancel. Efficient, and player friendly! :slight_smile:

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