Arabic Translation Support

Dear Team,

I would like to offer our community’s help to translate your game into Arabic. We are eager to make it accessible to Arabic speakers and would appreciate your support in integrating Arabic reshaping into the game client. Currently, individual Arabic letters are displayed correctly, but when placed together, they do not connect as they should. Enabling Arabic reshaping within your game engine and supporting right-to-left (RTL) UI would resolve this issue.

We are prepared to handle the translation and voiceover work voluntarily, at no charge. All we ask is for your permission to proceed and for your assistance with the technical integration.

Thank you for considering our request.

Best regards,
Salah Alrashidi

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Hope that will be taken into account.

Up, Please allow us to do it.

Hope that will be taken into account.

Need update on that subject from the team please

still no arabic support