About a good game and its potential

Dear Dev-Team at Moon Studios,

I’m ~25h in the game and I gotta say this game is heading towards something I’ve been waiting for quite some time. Most Top-down aRPGs focus on building a game that requires you to get best-slot-gear, follow the meta-guides on the web, so as a player all you have to do is press one button and let your whirlwind barb slay through no-name hordes of enemies just to hope for better gear and continue a never ending loop that isn’t about gameplay.
No rest for the wicked already manages to overcome this slot-machine phenomenon and it feels more like a two-way interaction between player and enemy.
In the following I have some ideas and suggestions that I want to share with you:

I like the way it rewards parrying by adding back health and focus as it motivates the player not just to button mash, but to master a technique that in the beginning you might be quite bad at. That way it’s about the progress as a player and not just the progress as a game character (stats, gear etc.).
In an interview you mentioned a similiar idea by comparing it to a beat’em up game like street fighter or tekken, where you’d chain different moves and attacks to counter your enemy. The PS2 game “Lord of the rings - Return of the king” had a quite similiar approach by adding combos to the game the player could learn to spice up their combat skills. It wasn’t necessary to know them, but it was adding up to the idea of the player getting better thoughout the game (as mentioned earlier).
Here is a short 3 min video that shows all combos they had in mind and i think this could be a good reference for you:
LotR - Combos

In order to make combos you’d need more than just one attack button, so an idea could be:
X - light attack
Y - heavy attack (chargable)
B - Kick/shove, in order to break poise of the enemy or get them out of constantly shielding/parrying

… so you could furthermore do a combo like: X, X , Y, B → that actually has a name and rewards the player when performed successfully.
Additionally, the amount and variation of skills and spells can help keep the player committed to the game in the long term since creating a build leads to a different gameplay. For example the spell “Spark” could start as a single projectile and through modification it could lead to a feathered spell or a projectile that swirls around you etc.
You could learn spells/skills not only from vendors but also by completing quests, finding runes in dungeons or meet mentors through events (that might only be available at a certain time). That way your build feels more unique since you might have found something not everyone had found (which would be the case when buying from vendors).
Also - custom “finish him” moves? :wink: would love them!

…feels very rewarding, since there are treasure chests and environmental “zoom out” - moments cutting to a nice view -can’t have enough of those.
Unlocking shortcuts for backtracking (bridges/ladders) is a good idea to stitch parts of the world together so you keep your ways short → That allows for the fast travel system to be just one way, so the player still walks tracks they’ve already explored.
I love how the day and night cycle shows the world in different lighting scenarios so you’re not getting bored by always seeing the same setting.
Maybe the “loot flames” in the world could be different colors (rather than just blue). That way you could identify precious loot by the color of it’s flame and you’d be more willing to solve puzzles that’ll get you to that loot (even if it takes the risks of jump and run actions).
Solving puzzles and unique gameplay ideas like the one inside the potion seller dungeon was what i enjoyed the most!
Ragdoll physics/ pushing enemies from cliffs/Interaction with the environment while being in combat is always a big plus!
Maybe stealth could use some polishing since it also could be used for quests (?)

Animation “eastereggs” like saluting troops, petting a dog etc. are always nice to discover - it was a very good idea to add emotes since it unlocks more possibilities to interact with the environment.
Maybe you want to add character animations in the inventory menu (like drinking a potion or different idle animations)
Since crafting can be tedious, crafting as a transmog substitute might be quite motivating → there could be some visual appealing gear that can only be crafted as a blank that can then be enchanted

All in all I think this game has a lot of potential and I really like what you’ve done so far! Thank you for the beautifully handcrafted textures, the pleasing sound design and your patience with some of the more skeptical players. I’m sure this game will be (even more) amazing when finally released and I’m looking forward to the upcoming content and updates.

Best regards !


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