Where makes me terrible

Let me briefly talk about where this game makes me terrible.
If these “features” still exist after the official release, I can only go off.

  1. Lying injury:
    The block income of “Malicious Endless” is high, but the consequences of block failure are too severe. The presence of lying damage is very hardcore, but enemies often use comb. Once player fails to block/roll, they are beaten again after lying and cannot get up again.
  2. Cannot wash talent points:
    Admittedly, this game allows for the creation of new characters, but it is an absolute garbage design that cannot wash talent points away. Whether it’s Diablo-like or Souls-like, they encourage players to explore diverse genres. On the other hand, in your game, do not allow players to clean talent points up.
  3. Construction time:
    The home building system in this game is average, but the most unbearable thing is that the time passed during home building is actually real time. This kind of setting against the sky is better changed to a mobile game, right? Clash of Clans?
  4. Backpack expansion:
    The initial backpack is extremely small, and the 20 stacking limit cannot meet the collection needs at all. Often, players have no space to explore and can only make choices to discard items. Even for dark games with limited backpacks, there is no such a small limit on the stacking of individual materials with a sky defying setting. Combined with the home building and collection gameplay of this game, the capacity of this backpack is simply suffocating.
  5. Task design:
    The main storyline of this game is ok, but there is no design skill for any side quests at all. The vast majority of side quests are just about handing in a few materials, going where to sand a few monsters, and building some buildings. Its level of fun is not as good as that of a web game decades ago, it is simply boring.
  6. Map transfer:
    Can only teleport to the main city and the last teleportation point. For players, running more is a completely acceptable flaw. But what makes the game extremely repulsive to me is that its monsters and collection points do not refresh quickly. After clearing enemies and materials on the road, if you accidentally die, repeating the empty and boring map running experience completely wastes excellent map design.