Two cheeky speedrun skips

While I personally dont speedrun, I do like looking for ways to break games and watching speedruns. Happened to find two pretty significant skips that, if any people out there are thinking of speedrunning the game, may be interested in.

Crane Skip
This one I have posted a few times earlier today to help people out with bypassing the currently bugged crane puzzle section in nameless pass. Its easy and straightforward, just run up to the post next to the wall and climb it.


Sewer Skip
The other one is trickier. Sewer Skip needs you to jankily “climb” into the pressure chamber seen in the video, then either climb on top of the pipes and balance over to the other side or leap to the opposing ledge. Both require quite a bit of trial and error but can be done consistently with practice.


Gifs had to be compressed to meet the 4mb criteria of this forum, but ill gladly link the longer higher qual video snips if people are interested.

Feel free to share if youve found any skips or cheeky strats, always fun to see what people come up with and find.

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