Transfer and backpack restrictions

The most annoying thing about playing down is the transfer and backpack restrictions. The character is very slow to go, if the transmission point left in the anonymous crater, temporary out of the city to collect materials to do blood or do a reward challenge, want to from point A to point b can only be across half of the figure, during the road there are small monsters refresh, it is easy to appear have not gone to the next point on the situation, then start from the crater out of the city. And the backpack actually has a limit of 20 stacks, and it’s easy to fill up when you’re done with the weird stuff. There is one of the most speechless place, cooking must have artemisia annua, compared to mushroom crabs, the number of artemisia annua is far from enough, picked a bunch of mushrooms is not able to cook, can only swallow mushrooms, the blood effect is better than nothing